Working with Kike-Lola Odusanya has been a life-changing experience for me. I came to her in 2015 confused and unsure on how to monetize my talents and passions. At the time I had a fashion line name that was known but the product was non-existent. I loved Fashion but was tired and hated manufacturing, I had no idea how my passion for fashion could translate into a profitable business.

With Kike’s coaching, she literally held my hand step by step as we re-branded my company and took my business into another direction. She provided me with tools, resources, and information to help me do some serious soul searching that helped me understand myself, my business and what I needed to do to make it successful.

I am happy to share that what was once “Candi Apple Couture” has now transformed into a lifestyle brand “The Stylish Reid” I have become one of the sounding authorities in North America for Plus Size Fashion, Lifestyle, and Body Positivity.  Since the Launch of “The Stylish Reid” I have been fortunate to have been and continue to be featured on many media outlets such as CBC, Centric BET, Flare Magazine and more.My voice and knowledge are valued in the community I love and I have Kike’s direct coaching and guidance to thank for this amazing career turn around.

Working with Kike is one of the best decisions and investments I made in myself. I recommend her to anyone who is ready for a life overhaul. It’s not just about business, you come out of her sessions transformed and reassured in who you are as an individual.  Each client becomes her personal passion and she will not stop until you become all she knows you can be.  If I have never said it before, thank you so much, Kike-Lola, for helping me find what was in me all along.

Annika Reid  – Plus Size Blogger, Influencer and Boutique Owner

“I hired Kike to help me transition from one entrepreneurial field to another. She broke down what I was doing, both good and bad, then created a plan to brand my business as an expert in my market. Not only did I walk away with clearer goals for my business but I walked away with an action plan to get me to my targeted goal. We mapped out how to turn my passion into a profit and exactly who I needed to serve in order to be successful. Thank You, Kike, for giving me a clearer direction to achieve more. I have a new found confidence in the direction of my brand and for that, I am most grateful.”
Makini Smith – Author, Entrepreneur & International Speaker